Monday, December 17, 2012

My toy animation.

Camp Presentation


Hi you might have already known that Christmas is coming! 12 more days untill Christmas, what do you like about Christmas? I like the presents and the food. My favourite dessert is mousse and trifle. Its really good for Christmas. And dinner is turkey with bacon strips and some mash potato. And to top it off its really nice is you drink grape sparkling juice.

The presents are good if you get what you asked for. Remember Christmas isn't about presents its about   Jesus's birth and its also about having fun with your family.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Netbook Reflection 2012

This year has been awesome because we use our netbooks for everything. Well not everything! On our netbooks we go onto Google apps, like Docs, Presentations and spreadsheets and other sites like Xtramath, Maths whizz and studyladder. Xtramath is a maths program it helps you with maths. Maths whizz is sort of the same thing but maths whizz give you time to think, studyladder is a reading and maths program.

What I love about my netbook is that it helps you with your spelling and if you don't know about something you can easily search it up! You can learn a lot of things that you don't know about too. It is way better than pencils and books! I would pick a netbook than books and pencils because if you're writing with a pencil it hurts your hand if you write for a very long time. A netbook is a really good size too, so it can easily fit in your bag.

What I dislike about my netbook is if the internet is really slow! And you know what happens if the internet is slow, it starts to go really slow and it starts to freeze and then the sign called kill pages pop up! I would also ask for my netbook to turn on faster because it takes a lot of time. It is easy to break because the hinges are too weak. It will also be better if the sound and camera were better quality.

I would like to thank Mr and Mrs burt, Miss Telea, my parents for paying for my netbook and the people who made this happen. I can’t wait until next year so I can continue to use my netbook for learning.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My Funny moment at camp

Do you think Karma is real? I do! I remember karma happened to me at camp. It all started when kawau (group) went sailing. I got into the boat and sailed off. When I was sailing I saw Isaiah crash into the wharf! It was REALLY funny!

That must of been embarrassing! Peter went up to him in his kayak and pushed him off to sail. I laughed while saying “ Haha you crashed!” Then I started turning around I started shouting “What's happening! why am I turning around!!!” It was a freaking out moment.

I started heading the right direction and soon got to the end. I came last... I was ashamed... I had fun anyways! I am never ever doing that again!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Finn and Jake

Adventure time is a great t.v show! It's about Finn and Jake. Finn is a human and Jake is a dog! OK Jake is a yellow dog who doesn't concentrate on anything. Well he is a very helpful to Finn. They do everything together. Finn is a 13 year old human. Him and Jake help PB (Princess Bubblegum). Did you know Jake the dog is 28 years old?!

Both of them take care of Ooo because they are heroes! they only help people that are really in danger. Ooo is the name of the land, the candy kingdom is made out candy I mean seriously everything in the candy kingdom is made out of candy! Even the people!! Do you think Jake and Finn have a hard job? And did you also know Jake has stretchy powers! he can turn into anything!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Lumpy space princess.

Hi there have you ever watched Adventure time before? If you have that's great because this is a story all about LSP! OK never EVER make Lumpy space princess angry ok because lumpy people always get angry! I mean always, day and night, 24/7. Lumpy space princess left lumpy space because she is sick of her parents!

Now she's in the forest eating a can of beans once a week! Finn and Jake are friends with her! She is also best friends with Princess Bubblegum, she has bubblegum for hair and she's all pink. Lumpy space princess can easily cry every time she's also dramatic!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Happy Birthday to me!

Hi everyone! Guess what day this is?.... Its my birthday! Every time on the 14th of November its my birthday,  I love birthdays because you can do anything you want on that day.  My favourite part is the gifts because you can get anything you want! Do you like gifts?... Well obviously I do!

At every birthday you always have to have a cake! My favourite cake is chocolate cake! I really love chocolate so its pretty obvious I want a chocolate cake for my birthday!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Anger Problems

Hi everyone guess what I'm going to talk about....If you guessed anger problems you're right! Do you know what I'm always angry about? An empty plate when I wake up early in the morning! I know I'm too old for someone to cook my food but sometimes people want a break from cooking in the morning! I also get angry when my internet is very slow, you know what I mean?

Every time I play a game on the internet I always lose at the end! But it sort of an anger moment but not that much BUT if I lose more than 5 times that's when I flip the table! I know I know I got ultimate problems with stuff but I'm NOT the only one!

Monday, November 12, 2012


Do you love diamonds?....... Well I do! I hope you like diamonds because if you don't... Oh who am I
kidding you'll love diamonds when you read this! What I love about diamonds is that they are really beautiful. They are also expensive I think it takes a very long time to look for it.
A diamond is one of the birthstones. That means if you were born on April your birthstone is a diamond!

 Did you even know that a small diamond on a gold ring is really expensive!! Some people make diamonds out of glass! because they look the same but to tell a diamond is real you have to bang it on something hard a few times. If it breaks its fake but if it doesn't its real!

Monday, November 5, 2012


One day it was a beautiful time playing around at morning tea time. Some people were sitting down in the breeze and some were playing outside in playgrounds. Me, giselle, porscha and asena were sitting in the breeze to cool off because it was really hot outside!

And at that moment the clouds were turning grey they were covering the whole sky and sun. It started to rain very hard so the rain bell went off and everyone went to classroom. Me, giselle, porscha and asena ran inside.

While we were drawing some pictures giselle saw something shiny in the sky. She thought it was a shooting star. But no! it was something weird it started getting bigger and bigger. We warned everyone to exit straight away but they weren't convinced. It was soon too late to move because it crashed right next to our classroom! Everyone ran outside to check out what it was, it looked like a green circle rock!

But as soon as we took a few steps closer it a part of it opened it looked like a door! A figure of a person showed up but it looked very thing and it had a very big head! When it came a few steps forward everyone was panicking because it appears to be an alien! Some people thought it would be nice but he was here to take over the world! Later on he pulled out a laser gun and started pointing it at us.

We were hoping for something to knock him out but no one was there to help. A few minutes later a huge rock was appearing from the sky! we were hoping it not to fall on us because it was getting bigger and bigger! We were all covering our eyes because this might be the end... But we heard a big thump! We opened our eyes and the alien was gone but there was the rock covering where he was standing so the was weird... What would you do if an alien tried to take over the world?!!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Soldier's epic fail crossing the road

One day while I was on room sixteen sites. I saw this video about these two soldiers crossing across the road. You might think thats normal but you should seriously watch it is interesting and funny but kinda. Well when I watch it I was cracking up like a mad person.

When the first time I saw that video our whole class was sitting on the mat waiting for the news it took a really long time so Mr S put on a video. It was the two soldiers video. At the beginning I thought it was going to be a professional video but when they step foot on the side of the road they landed on their faces!

The whole class was cracking up to the video. Mr S started repeating the video non stop! That was a HUGE fail for the soldiers, I mean seriously do normal soldiers have those accidents?!

That was the funniest video I’ve ever seen! Its good that an enormous truck came and ran over them! And what if some other soldiers trip over a road and a skunk is right up in there faces when they look up!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Say hello to Dhara!

Hi there I would love to introduce you to my bff  Dhara! When we first met I was in room 15 and she was in room 14, I kept on saying hi to her because I was trying to be nice! Me, Jouan, Saadiya and Dhara always hang out together in morning tea time.

Dhara is nice, fun and funny! She told me she's going to India on the 6th of November, so thats sad for me because she is awesome to be with.

Monday, October 29, 2012

The day my toy came alive!!

Hello there and welcome. I would love to tell you about the day my toy came alive so here it go’s. Once upon a time I was sitting watching T.V , minding my own business with my favorite toy right next to me. Then dora the explorer came on T.V. I heard an annoying voice ask, “Could you turn it to another channel please?” I looked around and then said, “Who said that...?” “I did,” answered my Elmo toy. I freaked out and started running around inside the house because I thought Elmo could be evil but he was friendly. I finally calmed down and sat down to continue watching TV. with Elmo.

I soon got use to Elmo talking because it became normal... I was the only one who knew about talking Elmo. Every time it was dinner I would bring Elmo with me but he wouldn't talk in front of other people. It was weird! Then every Time when we were in bed Elmo always sings songs to make me sleep. I'm a messy sleeper, that means I move around the bed or sometimes fall off.

Sometimes we have a walk together but sometimes a dog grabs him off me and starts treating him like a chew toy. I take him to school and some people hear him talking but they think its me. After school we watch adventure time on T.V sometimes Elmo pretends to be jake the dog!

It's sort of creepy that a toy is talking, walking and eating by itself but you get use to it. If you don't you’ll just give him away... And they’ll not like you.. Forever.. And ever....

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Jouan and Saadiya.

My friends Jouan and Saadiya love going to the library, they also get angry easily because they have a lot to do at the library! You guys might think how were we ever friends! Well I first met saadiya in room 4, 2007 when we were 5. I met jouan in 2009 in room 10.

So we have a long history together... Well not that long! They also love One Direction! Did you know jouan is a chocoholic? Saadiya also lives in a shop too! They might be hard to be friends with but they are funny and fun to play with! And they have a great fashion sense , that means they are great to have over in the weekends for a little tip!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Don't you love it when the spring breeze is in your face? Well I do! I also love the beautiful flowers that grow during spring they smell fantastic! In Spring you can do lots of amazing things outside like chilling under a tree with the sun out.

In winter you cant do much outside because sometimes its pouring, windy and sometimes the sky looks very dark which puts you in a bad mood. But every season has fun in them!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The holidays

It was a thursday morning it was very cold and wet outside. I got out of bed and into the living room I walked slowly to the couch because I was still sleepy but bored. Every morning I sometimes feel grouchy , tired , full of energy and sometimes i have tantrums to waking up early in the morning to a empty plate!

But that morning was nothing like those mornings I told you about.
I was watching tv then my sister came through the door and she said “We should go to manukau for your holiday!” I was really excited so i ran to my room and got ready.

As soon as i came everyone was all in the car and my sister said “ We’re Going to leave you!” I thought they were kidding until she started the car i ran outside and into the car as fast as i can. We drove off to manukau city it was a long trip but not that long.

When we parked the car we quickly made our way to the entry door. When we walked into the building it was full of people. We went around manukau city to look for some stuff we needed like clothes, shoes and something that is useful for us.


Hi everyone, who loves chocolate? Well I do! I love chocolate so much I ate a whole block of chocolate in one day! Some people have problems with chocolate because they are allergic to it. I would love to have a chocolate fountain. Don't you think chocolate strawberry's are delicious!? Well obviously I do.

I love anything with chocolate like chocolate muffins, brownies, chocolate milk and chocolate cake! I bet everyone would feel hungry for chocolate when they read this!

Elmo's World

Monday, September 24, 2012


Say hello to my besties, Giselle and Porscha. They’re not like other people because they are Crazy, annoying and bossy [porscha] and they have anger problems. Don't forget they’re in love with food! Food is their weakness, Giselle’s weakness is chocolate and fried chicken. Porscha’s weakness is cheese!

Giselle is scared of slugs and hates any kind of vegetable thats green! Porscha’s scared of nothing and hates nothing. They’re both silly, physico and hilarious! Some people think they are a total nightmare but not to me!

Everyday after school we walk home together every time! but not on rainy days. Did you know they are very loud? They love to take photos of themselves don't forget anger management!

Sometimes they joke around, sometimes there serious and every time they're hungry! You might think they are really hard to be with but you know once you get to know them they’re awesome!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The worlds biggest sneeze!

Have you ever broke something from a sneeze before? If you have... welcome to my life!!! In my past years I have broken some cars, an innocent tree, a couple of windows and I think some buildings! I might of caused an earthquake in christchurch yesterday all the way from auckland! But you know its normal... right?! Well for me it is!

I also remember when I was a baby I made a giant sneeze and it made the twin towers collapse! I almost got put into jail from that but you know I was just a baby! One day when i was 3 years old I had a kitten and her name was cake the cat, we were playing outside we were having so much fun until I sneezed she was flying in the air and she vanished in the sky I thought she went into heaven but she was in space! When I was 9 she fell from the sky but she wasn't a kitten anymore! When she came back down she looked like a shaved cat!

My parents sometimes hide away from me when i'm about to sneeze because they hate mucus all over them! Sometimes when I sneeze I sometimes blow a deep hole on the ground and you know thats impossible!!

I know what you're thinking! i'm not weird i'm just different! I'm like a superhero... sorta! Well
yeah you know what I mean! I sometimes cause tornados and tsunamis I might be a very dangerous person... Am I?!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Archery at the london Olympic Games

Archery is a Olympic sport, there are different types of archery so there are different rules. Archery is gonna be held at lord’s cricket ground at the London 2012 Olympic games. Did you know the first archery competition was organised in Finsbury, London, in 1583!

Archery competitions can be held inside or outside, in each competition the people will be divided into ends with each archer shooting 3 or 6 arrows. Archery is suitable for competitors with experience. If you get a bulls eye you get a huge score for your team, if you hit anywhere close to the red dot you get a smaller amount of points.

Archery is a challenging game. All you have to do is concentrate on the target it will be very tricky because you might fall over or shoot the arrow in the wrong place. Before archery was an olympic game people used bows and arrows for hunting and warfare 10,000 years ago.

If you want to try this sport you may need: something to keep you balanced, if you're playing it outside you may need glasses so the sun won’t distract you, bow and arrow. You also need a target and some protective gear. Don't forget practice makes perfect!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Term 3

I was so excited to go back to school so I quickly packed my bag and got in my sister's car to go to school. When I got to school I saw my friends and went to class with them, as we were walking and talking it started to rain we ran and made it to class. So we entered our classroom and it was nice and warm. We hanged our bags up and took our netbooks out of our bags, the bell rang so we ran outside. It was raining so we ran to the breeze.

We entered the hall and sat down, then Mr Jacobson came passed he looked like those people who fight in the war! Everyone was quiet because Mr jacobson was talking on the microphone. He was telling us about the olympics and why he is dressed up like a war guy. He was also waiting for team 1, 2, 3 and 4 so they can do their play or movie.

Team 4 was my favorite because their movie was hilarious! Mr S was dressed up in a diving suit, then there was Miss Garden wearing a swimsuit. Mr Marks was wearing a wig and he has a giant flat hand and Miss king was a mermaid! Miss Ouano was Anastatia, they were all synchronized swimming in a pool!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Olympic Archery!


This term we are learning about the olympics. So I have made a photo of me competing in one of the olympic sports, Archery. I have drawn the background and the bow and arrows.
Enjoy my master piece!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

My favorite picture of art!

This is my favorite picture of art. The creator is Dhara Maisuria, i love it because it has beautiful colors and its my favorite singer Taylor Swift. Plus it looks very realistic!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Going to the Warehouse

On saturday morning I had to wake up really early because we are going to the warehouse. I was freezing when I got to the bathroom, I changed into my warm clothes and into my boots I was still cold. So we went into the car and my sister started the car and then we were off. We were going to the Manukau warehouse so it was a long ride.

As soon as we got there we parked the car in the car park, then we crossed the road and entered the warehouse. I quickly ran to the book section to look for the 'Dare to Dream' book - It's a One Direction book. So I finally got it and as I was walking by some videos I noticed there was a one direction up all night tour video so I got it, it was really expensive but it was worth it!! I was looking for my brother so he can come with me so I can get my stuff. When we were walking past the magazine part and I saw a One Direction mag I was about to get it but i’m supposed to get one book each week, that means I can get it next weekend!

I finally got my things so I ran to the car and jumped in with all my things. We all got what we wanted so now we can go home.

Monday, June 11, 2012

My Swimming Video

This is my swimming video that I made using HyperStudio. It shows me swimming in the pools. Please enjoy!

Monday, May 14, 2012

My Fantastic Holiday

In the holidays it was a very hot day so I asked my sister if we can go to the beach. “Sure” She replied, So we were getting our towel, sunscreen, some food and some ice-blocks to eat on the way. I was super excited i was all hyper! We were all packed to go to the beach so we rushed to the car. It was super hot in the car it felt like we were in a oven, I got a ice-block from the cooler. As soon as I finished my ice-block my tongue was red from the ice-block.

We parked in the car park and there were a lot of cars around so we parked far away from the parking area. As soon as we got out of our car we quickly walked to the big tree to sit under, we were having a snack before going in the water. As soon as i finished my snack I ran to the sea but when I got up to the sand I walked slowly in the sea because there are rocks. When I walked into the water it was so cold but that cooled me down on a really hot day, I swam to the deep side because there are no rocks there only soft sand.

As soon as I got to that part of the sea I saw my cousin swimming to me. I was glad she came because we always talk about One Direction. So we were talking about One Direction and suddenly my sister yelled at us that if we want some more snacks, we were a bit hungry so we ran out of the water , up the stairs and had a race to the big tree. It was very far so we took 4 breaks and then we got up to the big tree. We both had red ice-blocks some of them were melting in this hot weather.

Soon as we finished our ice-block my cousin said “ I forgot I brought my tennis ball” so we both went to her dads car and looked for the ball. I finally found the ball so we ran off the car park and ran on the grass. When we saw my sister walk up to us she said “10 more minutes” we gave the ball to my sister and we ran down the stairs to go to the water, we were diving, racing each other and when the 10 were over we were crawling out of the water.When we were crawling out of the water it really feels like the water is pulling you in.

Thursday, March 15, 2012


On Wednesday year five and six started camp. So we lined up behind Mr Marks to play a game , we walked to the field. Mr J explained it to us and then started playing the game. We first got water balloons and filled then up with water, but we only filled up ten because it was super hard to fill them up. We walked back to the field and started to play. We were struggling to get to the area to throw the water balloons at the other team, we all got bombed by the other team. It was super fun getting wet.