Monday, September 24, 2012


Say hello to my besties, Giselle and Porscha. They’re not like other people because they are Crazy, annoying and bossy [porscha] and they have anger problems. Don't forget they’re in love with food! Food is their weakness, Giselle’s weakness is chocolate and fried chicken. Porscha’s weakness is cheese!

Giselle is scared of slugs and hates any kind of vegetable thats green! Porscha’s scared of nothing and hates nothing. They’re both silly, physico and hilarious! Some people think they are a total nightmare but not to me!

Everyday after school we walk home together every time! but not on rainy days. Did you know they are very loud? They love to take photos of themselves don't forget anger management!

Sometimes they joke around, sometimes there serious and every time they're hungry! You might think they are really hard to be with but you know once you get to know them they’re awesome!


  1. Ngaaaaw<3 Thanks Mya!! Best post ever ^.^ (your awesome too) Keep up the awesome work:)) BYE!

  2. This is very funny. I'm so glad I got to read this old post. I didn't know Porscha is such a foodie. It's great to have good friends that you know really well.
    Nice writing, I can really appreciate how you feel by the words you have chosen.
    Mrs Nua