Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The worlds biggest sneeze!

Have you ever broke something from a sneeze before? If you have... welcome to my life!!! In my past years I have broken some cars, an innocent tree, a couple of windows and I think some buildings! I might of caused an earthquake in christchurch yesterday all the way from auckland! But you know its normal... right?! Well for me it is!

I also remember when I was a baby I made a giant sneeze and it made the twin towers collapse! I almost got put into jail from that but you know I was just a baby! One day when i was 3 years old I had a kitten and her name was cake the cat, we were playing outside we were having so much fun until I sneezed she was flying in the air and she vanished in the sky I thought she went into heaven but she was in space! When I was 9 she fell from the sky but she wasn't a kitten anymore! When she came back down she looked like a shaved cat!

My parents sometimes hide away from me when i'm about to sneeze because they hate mucus all over them! Sometimes when I sneeze I sometimes blow a deep hole on the ground and you know thats impossible!!

I know what you're thinking! i'm not weird i'm just different! I'm like a superhero... sorta! Well
yeah you know what I mean! I sometimes cause tornados and tsunamis I might be a very dangerous person... Am I?!


  1. Hi Mya, I love your sneeze story! I must say it is like no other story I've ever read!!! It really hooked my in! Well done!!! I will diffidently come back next time! Keep up the GREAT work!!!

    From Jouan :)

  2. Hi Mya,
    I love how you story has interesting words. Keep it up. You had an awesome story. Also funny too...

  3. Hello Mya,

    I loved your story very much. I loved how you used different kind of vocabularys! Keep It Up Mya!

    Love Asena... :)