Friday, December 13, 2013

Netbook reflection.

This year I have learned a lot of cool stuff on my netbook like Maths, reading, writing etc.. you can say I can do anything on my netbook!... But no I cant!

Most of the things I learned was from my netbook, but also from my teachers. I recently learned Inverse from mr barks. Inverse a opposite strategy. I cant explain it very well because I just learned it! So what im saying is that if you have a ½ you do the opposite which is 2/1. That is all I remember.

The sites I go on to learn is Maths whizz, Xtramath and kiwi kids news. Maths whizz is a site that we go on to learn fractions, decimals and other things. Xtramath is for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Kiwi kids news if filled with news all around new zealand.

I love my netbook because:
We dont need to worry about sore hands and paper.
We can learn anything online.
We can also play games!
We can listen to music.

Things i think need to change:
A bigger screen
Better sound quality
Longer battery life
and space between the keys of the keyboard.


  1. Mya, I think it is so cool you all got Netbooks this year! I work in a school in Oregon in the United States, and we don't have any computers for the students to use. They're hands definitely get sore from hand writing everything, and they hate having to edit and rewrite their stories every time!

  2. You are right Mya there is so much to learn online!