Friday, November 30, 2012

Lumpy space princess.

Hi there have you ever watched Adventure time before? If you have that's great because this is a story all about LSP! OK never EVER make Lumpy space princess angry ok because lumpy people always get angry! I mean always, day and night, 24/7. Lumpy space princess left lumpy space because she is sick of her parents!

Now she's in the forest eating a can of beans once a week! Finn and Jake are friends with her! She is also best friends with Princess Bubblegum, she has bubblegum for hair and she's all pink. Lumpy space princess can easily cry every time she's also dramatic!


  1. Hey Mya,
    that was a funny and touching story about LSP. I am so going to watch Adventure time now!

    From Jouan

  2. HI Mya
    that is a funny story about LSP. keep up the good work Mya. :D