Friday, April 5, 2013

Camp argument

In the year 7 & 8 camp you can learn loads of things, you can have lots of different experiences In your team and make new friends because every team have partnership, participation and they protect each other.

We believe that having a yr 7&8 camp isn't a bad idea, its just that our parents think its too much to pay. I can't argue with that but they know it goes on a good cause. Like when you get older you can learn new things that helps you.

Our parents think that the price should be put down at least $15 dollars, so that we can be allowed to go and some fun. $15 should be fair for three days. Some people believe that the money is worth it because we are paying to learn new things that can help us when we get older.

So you don't have to agree to any of these suggestions but just think about the kids.:) And the most fun part of camp is that we can get into our PJs and get ready for a SENSATIONAL MOVIE with everyone.

Camp is a really good opportunity for skills, fun and new friends. The bad thing is that you are away from your family for almost a week. And if it rains the fun turns into inside games!