Monday, October 29, 2012

The day my toy came alive!!

Hello there and welcome. I would love to tell you about the day my toy came alive so here it go’s. Once upon a time I was sitting watching T.V , minding my own business with my favorite toy right next to me. Then dora the explorer came on T.V. I heard an annoying voice ask, “Could you turn it to another channel please?” I looked around and then said, “Who said that...?” “I did,” answered my Elmo toy. I freaked out and started running around inside the house because I thought Elmo could be evil but he was friendly. I finally calmed down and sat down to continue watching TV. with Elmo.

I soon got use to Elmo talking because it became normal... I was the only one who knew about talking Elmo. Every time it was dinner I would bring Elmo with me but he wouldn't talk in front of other people. It was weird! Then every Time when we were in bed Elmo always sings songs to make me sleep. I'm a messy sleeper, that means I move around the bed or sometimes fall off.

Sometimes we have a walk together but sometimes a dog grabs him off me and starts treating him like a chew toy. I take him to school and some people hear him talking but they think its me. After school we watch adventure time on T.V sometimes Elmo pretends to be jake the dog!

It's sort of creepy that a toy is talking, walking and eating by itself but you get use to it. If you don't you’ll just give him away... And they’ll not like you.. Forever.. And ever....

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  1. Hi Mya,
    Wow I love you writing, I Like how you have used interesting words.