Monday, September 24, 2012


Say hello to my besties, Giselle and Porscha. They’re not like other people because they are Crazy, annoying and bossy [porscha] and they have anger problems. Don't forget they’re in love with food! Food is their weakness, Giselle’s weakness is chocolate and fried chicken. Porscha’s weakness is cheese!

Giselle is scared of slugs and hates any kind of vegetable thats green! Porscha’s scared of nothing and hates nothing. They’re both silly, physico and hilarious! Some people think they are a total nightmare but not to me!

Everyday after school we walk home together every time! but not on rainy days. Did you know they are very loud? They love to take photos of themselves don't forget anger management!

Sometimes they joke around, sometimes there serious and every time they're hungry! You might think they are really hard to be with but you know once you get to know them they’re awesome!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The worlds biggest sneeze!

Have you ever broke something from a sneeze before? If you have... welcome to my life!!! In my past years I have broken some cars, an innocent tree, a couple of windows and I think some buildings! I might of caused an earthquake in christchurch yesterday all the way from auckland! But you know its normal... right?! Well for me it is!

I also remember when I was a baby I made a giant sneeze and it made the twin towers collapse! I almost got put into jail from that but you know I was just a baby! One day when i was 3 years old I had a kitten and her name was cake the cat, we were playing outside we were having so much fun until I sneezed she was flying in the air and she vanished in the sky I thought she went into heaven but she was in space! When I was 9 she fell from the sky but she wasn't a kitten anymore! When she came back down she looked like a shaved cat!

My parents sometimes hide away from me when i'm about to sneeze because they hate mucus all over them! Sometimes when I sneeze I sometimes blow a deep hole on the ground and you know thats impossible!!

I know what you're thinking! i'm not weird i'm just different! I'm like a superhero... sorta! Well
yeah you know what I mean! I sometimes cause tornados and tsunamis I might be a very dangerous person... Am I?!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Archery at the london Olympic Games

Archery is a Olympic sport, there are different types of archery so there are different rules. Archery is gonna be held at lord’s cricket ground at the London 2012 Olympic games. Did you know the first archery competition was organised in Finsbury, London, in 1583!

Archery competitions can be held inside or outside, in each competition the people will be divided into ends with each archer shooting 3 or 6 arrows. Archery is suitable for competitors with experience. If you get a bulls eye you get a huge score for your team, if you hit anywhere close to the red dot you get a smaller amount of points.

Archery is a challenging game. All you have to do is concentrate on the target it will be very tricky because you might fall over or shoot the arrow in the wrong place. Before archery was an olympic game people used bows and arrows for hunting and warfare 10,000 years ago.

If you want to try this sport you may need: something to keep you balanced, if you're playing it outside you may need glasses so the sun won’t distract you, bow and arrow. You also need a target and some protective gear. Don't forget practice makes perfect!