Monday, November 5, 2012


One day it was a beautiful time playing around at morning tea time. Some people were sitting down in the breeze and some were playing outside in playgrounds. Me, giselle, porscha and asena were sitting in the breeze to cool off because it was really hot outside!

And at that moment the clouds were turning grey they were covering the whole sky and sun. It started to rain very hard so the rain bell went off and everyone went to classroom. Me, giselle, porscha and asena ran inside.

While we were drawing some pictures giselle saw something shiny in the sky. She thought it was a shooting star. But no! it was something weird it started getting bigger and bigger. We warned everyone to exit straight away but they weren't convinced. It was soon too late to move because it crashed right next to our classroom! Everyone ran outside to check out what it was, it looked like a green circle rock!

But as soon as we took a few steps closer it a part of it opened it looked like a door! A figure of a person showed up but it looked very thing and it had a very big head! When it came a few steps forward everyone was panicking because it appears to be an alien! Some people thought it would be nice but he was here to take over the world! Later on he pulled out a laser gun and started pointing it at us.

We were hoping for something to knock him out but no one was there to help. A few minutes later a huge rock was appearing from the sky! we were hoping it not to fall on us because it was getting bigger and bigger! We were all covering our eyes because this might be the end... But we heard a big thump! We opened our eyes and the alien was gone but there was the rock covering where he was standing so the was weird... What would you do if an alien tried to take over the world?!!

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