Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Playing Baseball

Every Thursday Rm 15 goes to play Baseball with Cola at the bottom field. Before we played Cola was sorting out our groups, Team Cola and Pepsi. Team Cola went fielding first, team Pepsi was batting first.

We were having fun in the sun, running around, having home runs, cheering and catching. Soon it was almost my turn and I was nervous. When I hit the ball I ran as fast as I could to base 1.

When it was someone else's turn to hit the ball I ran again to base 2 and 3 but I almost got to the home base, but not quite. When someone hit the ball I ran to home base and I almost got tagged by the ball. I almost slipped over when I was running, that would be super embarrassing.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Christchurch Earthquake

When the Earthquake happened all of the buildings in Christchurch were Demolished.
After a huge earthquake everybody was homeless
As the after the shocks kept coming every hour the building slowly turn into rubbel.
It was tragic and sad when the Earthquake struck in christchurch.
All of the pepole evacuate from buidings in Christchurch.
Most pepole in christchurch was doing search and rescueing lots of pepole inside the bulidings.
Many pepole were heart broken.