Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My Funny moment at camp

Do you think Karma is real? I do! I remember karma happened to me at camp. It all started when kawau (group) went sailing. I got into the boat and sailed off. When I was sailing I saw Isaiah crash into the wharf! It was REALLY funny!

That must of been embarrassing! Peter went up to him in his kayak and pushed him off to sail. I laughed while saying “ Haha you crashed!” Then I started turning around I started shouting “What's happening! why am I turning around!!!” It was a freaking out moment.

I started heading the right direction and soon got to the end. I came last... I was ashamed... I had fun anyways! I am never ever doing that again!

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  1. Great writing Mya! I'm so glad you had fun at camp Kawau. Apart from sailing what other activities did you enjoy? Which group won the concert night?