Friday, November 30, 2012

Lumpy space princess.

Hi there have you ever watched Adventure time before? If you have that's great because this is a story all about LSP! OK never EVER make Lumpy space princess angry ok because lumpy people always get angry! I mean always, day and night, 24/7. Lumpy space princess left lumpy space because she is sick of her parents!

Now she's in the forest eating a can of beans once a week! Finn and Jake are friends with her! She is also best friends with Princess Bubblegum, she has bubblegum for hair and she's all pink. Lumpy space princess can easily cry every time she's also dramatic!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Happy Birthday to me!

Hi everyone! Guess what day this is?.... Its my birthday! Every time on the 14th of November its my birthday,  I love birthdays because you can do anything you want on that day.  My favourite part is the gifts because you can get anything you want! Do you like gifts?... Well obviously I do!

At every birthday you always have to have a cake! My favourite cake is chocolate cake! I really love chocolate so its pretty obvious I want a chocolate cake for my birthday!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Anger Problems

Hi everyone guess what I'm going to talk about....If you guessed anger problems you're right! Do you know what I'm always angry about? An empty plate when I wake up early in the morning! I know I'm too old for someone to cook my food but sometimes people want a break from cooking in the morning! I also get angry when my internet is very slow, you know what I mean?

Every time I play a game on the internet I always lose at the end! But it sort of an anger moment but not that much BUT if I lose more than 5 times that's when I flip the table! I know I know I got ultimate problems with stuff but I'm NOT the only one!

Monday, November 12, 2012


Do you love diamonds?....... Well I do! I hope you like diamonds because if you don't... Oh who am I
kidding you'll love diamonds when you read this! What I love about diamonds is that they are really beautiful. They are also expensive I think it takes a very long time to look for it.
A diamond is one of the birthstones. That means if you were born on April your birthstone is a diamond!

 Did you even know that a small diamond on a gold ring is really expensive!! Some people make diamonds out of glass! because they look the same but to tell a diamond is real you have to bang it on something hard a few times. If it breaks its fake but if it doesn't its real!

Monday, November 5, 2012


One day it was a beautiful time playing around at morning tea time. Some people were sitting down in the breeze and some were playing outside in playgrounds. Me, giselle, porscha and asena were sitting in the breeze to cool off because it was really hot outside!

And at that moment the clouds were turning grey they were covering the whole sky and sun. It started to rain very hard so the rain bell went off and everyone went to classroom. Me, giselle, porscha and asena ran inside.

While we were drawing some pictures giselle saw something shiny in the sky. She thought it was a shooting star. But no! it was something weird it started getting bigger and bigger. We warned everyone to exit straight away but they weren't convinced. It was soon too late to move because it crashed right next to our classroom! Everyone ran outside to check out what it was, it looked like a green circle rock!

But as soon as we took a few steps closer it a part of it opened it looked like a door! A figure of a person showed up but it looked very thing and it had a very big head! When it came a few steps forward everyone was panicking because it appears to be an alien! Some people thought it would be nice but he was here to take over the world! Later on he pulled out a laser gun and started pointing it at us.

We were hoping for something to knock him out but no one was there to help. A few minutes later a huge rock was appearing from the sky! we were hoping it not to fall on us because it was getting bigger and bigger! We were all covering our eyes because this might be the end... But we heard a big thump! We opened our eyes and the alien was gone but there was the rock covering where he was standing so the was weird... What would you do if an alien tried to take over the world?!!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Soldier's epic fail crossing the road

One day while I was on room sixteen sites. I saw this video about these two soldiers crossing across the road. You might think thats normal but you should seriously watch it is interesting and funny but kinda. Well when I watch it I was cracking up like a mad person.

When the first time I saw that video our whole class was sitting on the mat waiting for the news it took a really long time so Mr S put on a video. It was the two soldiers video. At the beginning I thought it was going to be a professional video but when they step foot on the side of the road they landed on their faces!

The whole class was cracking up to the video. Mr S started repeating the video non stop! That was a HUGE fail for the soldiers, I mean seriously do normal soldiers have those accidents?!

That was the funniest video I’ve ever seen! Its good that an enormous truck came and ran over them! And what if some other soldiers trip over a road and a skunk is right up in there faces when they look up!