Tuesday, September 9, 2014

La Luna

Here is my writing about the opening scene of a short pixar animation called La Luna.

One peaceful night the shimmering stars were  reflected in the calm ocean like a mirror, It was still with only a few gentle waves. The sky had a tint of purple, the glowing moon was creating an ombre effect in the sky.

A bulky man rowed the boat with strong strokes through the water leaving foamy bubbles behind. It pushed through the smooth water causing ripples to form. A little boy on the boat peered at the oars mesmerised by each stroke.

Thursday, September 4, 2014


Who loves lollies?! I do of course, I mean seriously who's crazy enough to write a story about lollies! Sugar is obviously the main ingredient in lollies and chocolate. Even tho it tastes great its pretty dangerous, If you eat too much you might get ill. Before sugar lollies used to be made with honey.

My favorite lollies are gummy worms, m&ms, hard fruit candy, eclair lollies and raspberry licorice. My least favorite lolly is black licorice. What lollies are your favorite?!