Thursday, October 18, 2012

The holidays

It was a thursday morning it was very cold and wet outside. I got out of bed and into the living room I walked slowly to the couch because I was still sleepy but bored. Every morning I sometimes feel grouchy , tired , full of energy and sometimes i have tantrums to waking up early in the morning to a empty plate!

But that morning was nothing like those mornings I told you about.
I was watching tv then my sister came through the door and she said “We should go to manukau for your holiday!” I was really excited so i ran to my room and got ready.

As soon as i came everyone was all in the car and my sister said “ We’re Going to leave you!” I thought they were kidding until she started the car i ran outside and into the car as fast as i can. We drove off to manukau city it was a long trip but not that long.

When we parked the car we quickly made our way to the entry door. When we walked into the building it was full of people. We went around manukau city to look for some stuff we needed like clothes, shoes and something that is useful for us.

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