Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Finn and Jake

Adventure time is a great t.v show! It's about Finn and Jake. Finn is a human and Jake is a dog! OK Jake is a yellow dog who doesn't concentrate on anything. Well he is a very helpful to Finn. They do everything together. Finn is a 13 year old human. Him and Jake help PB (Princess Bubblegum). Did you know Jake the dog is 28 years old?!

Both of them take care of Ooo because they are heroes! they only help people that are really in danger. Ooo is the name of the land, the candy kingdom is made out candy I mean seriously everything in the candy kingdom is made out of candy! Even the people!! Do you think Jake and Finn have a hard job? And did you also know Jake has stretchy powers! he can turn into anything!

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