Monday, December 1, 2014


Nothings more important than friends, right? Friends are awesome because you can always count on them through the hard times because they can always cheer you up and they can give you advice about everything!

Friendship is when two or more people start socialising, playing and doing things together. Its very special because they’ll always be right beside you through thick and thin. There will be some arguments but in the end good friends always make up! You can also learn more about their culture (that’s if they’re a different culture).

Friendship is important because they’ll always back you up if you’re in trouble, they’ll always cheer you up in your darkest moments and they will always keep your secrets safe. Its very important to grow up with friends because you can always count on them to help you with things, like advice and many other things!

You can make good friends by treating someone with respect. You can also request for them to play with you at playtime. When they’re sad have enough courage to cheer them up by telling jokes!

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