Thursday, September 5, 2013

Rainbow warrior bombing

It was a really peaceful night on July 10th 1985. the greenpeace crew were having a party on their yacht, the rainbow warrior. While they were enjoying themselves little did they know there were two french spies in scuba gear in the ocean. They were attaching two limpet bombs under the yacht. When they successfully planted the bombs on, they fled off stealthily.

BOOM! Went the bomb, blowing pete willcox off his chair with ultimate force. He investigated the basement, there was water oozing in the yacht causing it to sink. “ABANDON SHIP ABANDON SHIP!” Pete willcox yelled. Everyone escaped except for one man, Fernando Pereira. Unfortunately he died minutes later.

Luckily the president arrested the two french spies for ten years.
When the french government found out he demanded the nz president to bring the spies back to france, or they won't buy anymore dairy products from nz . So nz gave the men to the government to put them in a french jail. But they only let them in jail for two years.