Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Say hello to Dhara!

Hi there I would love to introduce you to my bff  Dhara! When we first met I was in room 15 and she was in room 14, I kept on saying hi to her because I was trying to be nice! Me, Jouan, Saadiya and Dhara always hang out together in morning tea time.

Dhara is nice, fun and funny! She told me she's going to India on the 6th of November, so thats sad for me because she is awesome to be with.

Monday, October 29, 2012

The day my toy came alive!!

Hello there and welcome. I would love to tell you about the day my toy came alive so here it go’s. Once upon a time I was sitting watching T.V , minding my own business with my favorite toy right next to me. Then dora the explorer came on T.V. I heard an annoying voice ask, “Could you turn it to another channel please?” I looked around and then said, “Who said that...?” “I did,” answered my Elmo toy. I freaked out and started running around inside the house because I thought Elmo could be evil but he was friendly. I finally calmed down and sat down to continue watching TV. with Elmo.

I soon got use to Elmo talking because it became normal... I was the only one who knew about talking Elmo. Every time it was dinner I would bring Elmo with me but he wouldn't talk in front of other people. It was weird! Then every Time when we were in bed Elmo always sings songs to make me sleep. I'm a messy sleeper, that means I move around the bed or sometimes fall off.

Sometimes we have a walk together but sometimes a dog grabs him off me and starts treating him like a chew toy. I take him to school and some people hear him talking but they think its me. After school we watch adventure time on T.V sometimes Elmo pretends to be jake the dog!

It's sort of creepy that a toy is talking, walking and eating by itself but you get use to it. If you don't you’ll just give him away... And they’ll not like you.. Forever.. And ever....

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Jouan and Saadiya.

My friends Jouan and Saadiya love going to the library, they also get angry easily because they have a lot to do at the library! You guys might think how were we ever friends! Well I first met saadiya in room 4, 2007 when we were 5. I met jouan in 2009 in room 10.

So we have a long history together... Well not that long! They also love One Direction! Did you know jouan is a chocoholic? Saadiya also lives in a shop too! They might be hard to be friends with but they are funny and fun to play with! And they have a great fashion sense , that means they are great to have over in the weekends for a little tip!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Don't you love it when the spring breeze is in your face? Well I do! I also love the beautiful flowers that grow during spring they smell fantastic! In Spring you can do lots of amazing things outside like chilling under a tree with the sun out.

In winter you cant do much outside because sometimes its pouring, windy and sometimes the sky looks very dark which puts you in a bad mood. But every season has fun in them!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The holidays

It was a thursday morning it was very cold and wet outside. I got out of bed and into the living room I walked slowly to the couch because I was still sleepy but bored. Every morning I sometimes feel grouchy , tired , full of energy and sometimes i have tantrums to waking up early in the morning to a empty plate!

But that morning was nothing like those mornings I told you about.
I was watching tv then my sister came through the door and she said “We should go to manukau for your holiday!” I was really excited so i ran to my room and got ready.

As soon as i came everyone was all in the car and my sister said “ We’re Going to leave you!” I thought they were kidding until she started the car i ran outside and into the car as fast as i can. We drove off to manukau city it was a long trip but not that long.

When we parked the car we quickly made our way to the entry door. When we walked into the building it was full of people. We went around manukau city to look for some stuff we needed like clothes, shoes and something that is useful for us.


Hi everyone, who loves chocolate? Well I do! I love chocolate so much I ate a whole block of chocolate in one day! Some people have problems with chocolate because they are allergic to it. I would love to have a chocolate fountain. Don't you think chocolate strawberry's are delicious!? Well obviously I do.

I love anything with chocolate like chocolate muffins, brownies, chocolate milk and chocolate cake! I bet everyone would feel hungry for chocolate when they read this!

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