Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Going to the Warehouse

On saturday morning I had to wake up really early because we are going to the warehouse. I was freezing when I got to the bathroom, I changed into my warm clothes and into my boots I was still cold. So we went into the car and my sister started the car and then we were off. We were going to the Manukau warehouse so it was a long ride.

As soon as we got there we parked the car in the car park, then we crossed the road and entered the warehouse. I quickly ran to the book section to look for the 'Dare to Dream' book - It's a One Direction book. So I finally got it and as I was walking by some videos I noticed there was a one direction up all night tour video so I got it, it was really expensive but it was worth it!! I was looking for my brother so he can come with me so I can get my stuff. When we were walking past the magazine part and I saw a One Direction mag I was about to get it but i’m supposed to get one book each week, that means I can get it next weekend!

I finally got my things so I ran to the car and jumped in with all my things. We all got what we wanted so now we can go home.

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  1. Hey Mya,
    I bet it would be cold in the morning because i've had to do the same thing . But not to the warehouse . Your story was great but you had alot of detail . Because in a story you wouldn't want to hear about the car and the car park . But other than that good story . And I know that what you bought is true because you are upsessed with ONE DIRECTION .
    Keep up the Good Work .
    From Ashlee