Monday, August 25, 2014

Sarah Potts

The shortland street episode that aired on the 20th of august has broken many hearts. With Dr. Sarah Marjorie Potts passing. Her cause of death was the contagious virus going around ferndale.

She was finding a cure for virus, but then she saw a little blood on her knee. She had all the symptoms of the virus and then told her assistant to leave the room. She then locked herself in the room to finish finding the cure. A few minutes later she collapsed.

She was then rushed to the hospital. Her assistant finished the medicine for the virus, and was sent quickly to shortland street hospital for the patients with this sickness. The medicine was given to Sarah, and Rachel Mckenna. Sadly Sarah didn't make it due to all her sicknesses.

Diver explanation

The diver was balanced with concentration, focus and steady with accuracy ready to jump off.

Tiptoeing to the edge of the diving board the diver balanced with confidence, the audience were all anticipated waiting her to dive.

The magnificent diver balanced steady with determination she then jumps off with plenty of twists and turns and somersaults.
breathing in and out calmly the diver balanced on the platform with peace she dives down into the water with a minimal splash.
The diver was shaking with nerves as she climbed the ladder to the top of the platform, She started to balance with concentration, focused and steady. ready to jump off. The audience were all anticipated waiting for the diver to dive, with confidence and her body taut she dived into the water with a minimum splash With a lot of accuracy
Diving is an international sport in the Olympics, diving has been part of the Olympics since 1904, Diving includes Acrobatics skills and diving skills, This is a well recognized sport, The way to get points you will need a lot of flexibility and flips they make sure that there body is taut.
When the divers jump off the platform they twist, turn and do somersaults. The more flips they do above the water, the more points they will get, and if you dive in the water with a minimal splash. Your toes have to be pointed straight and your feet need to be touching.