Monday, May 14, 2012

My Fantastic Holiday

In the holidays it was a very hot day so I asked my sister if we can go to the beach. “Sure” She replied, So we were getting our towel, sunscreen, some food and some ice-blocks to eat on the way. I was super excited i was all hyper! We were all packed to go to the beach so we rushed to the car. It was super hot in the car it felt like we were in a oven, I got a ice-block from the cooler. As soon as I finished my ice-block my tongue was red from the ice-block.

We parked in the car park and there were a lot of cars around so we parked far away from the parking area. As soon as we got out of our car we quickly walked to the big tree to sit under, we were having a snack before going in the water. As soon as i finished my snack I ran to the sea but when I got up to the sand I walked slowly in the sea because there are rocks. When I walked into the water it was so cold but that cooled me down on a really hot day, I swam to the deep side because there are no rocks there only soft sand.

As soon as I got to that part of the sea I saw my cousin swimming to me. I was glad she came because we always talk about One Direction. So we were talking about One Direction and suddenly my sister yelled at us that if we want some more snacks, we were a bit hungry so we ran out of the water , up the stairs and had a race to the big tree. It was very far so we took 4 breaks and then we got up to the big tree. We both had red ice-blocks some of them were melting in this hot weather.

Soon as we finished our ice-block my cousin said “ I forgot I brought my tennis ball” so we both went to her dads car and looked for the ball. I finally found the ball so we ran off the car park and ran on the grass. When we saw my sister walk up to us she said “10 more minutes” we gave the ball to my sister and we ran down the stairs to go to the water, we were diving, racing each other and when the 10 were over we were crawling out of the water.When we were crawling out of the water it really feels like the water is pulling you in.

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