Monday, April 7, 2014

Rachel Smalley

Rachel Smalley is a newstalk ZB. She has been in the news lately because she said something in her mic during a tv break, she thought her mic was off. So now people think different about her because she said that.

So she said something rude about kiwi women. The things she said in the mic were and I quote “That NZ women's average weight of 72kg makes them 'a bunch of lardos” Her comment has upset many women around NZ. She admits that she left the mic on but her convo was meant to be off air.

She soon made an apology on air to all women she upset. She said “ “I deeply regret the comments. My comments were offensive. I'm sorry. It was a genuine mistake. " She bursted out crying while her live talk.

Many people say “Why should she apologize!? If she believes women over 72kg are heifers and lardos why should she say sorry!” Well I think she should apologize because she said something bad about many other women. She should think about putting herself in their shoes.

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