Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My book review of EJ12 girl hero: Kimono code

Book Title: E.J12 girl hero: kimono code
Author: Susannah Mcfarlane
Reviewer: Mya class 4
Grand total of books read this year: 3
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This book is about a girl named Emma Jacks. She is apart of a secret spying facility named SHINE. There is a evil spying facility Named SHADOW. A agent from shadow is destroying the cherry blossom trees in japan. She is doing that because she doesint want anything to be more beautiful than her.

Evil agent Kuramiko Kitsune is trying to sabotage the traditional japanese cherry blossom festival. But why and how? Special agent EJ12 needs to stay calm and keep her mind focused if she is to stop them in time. That's the easy part. As EJ12, Emma Jacks can do anything. So why does she find dealing with mean-girl Nema so hard?
Perhaps she doesn't at all....

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