Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Fia fia 2014

On wednesday we had a big event called the Fia fia. We have fia fia because it for a celebration. This is a huge event for the point englanders because this is a once a year occasion. Its just like the polyfest but we do our fia fia at night.

As I walked through the breeze I can smell the year 9s cooking the sausages on the bbq. I can see people buying all kinds of food and drinks. “Hey Mya!!” Said Sapphire and dhara. “Hi guys” I say awkwardly. “Lets go get some food” I say “Yeah alright

‘ sapphire says. Everywhere I look I see people with baby carriages! And cupcakes!! I kept on walking around the food stalls because I didn't know what to buy! I finally came to my senses and bought a sausage for 2 dollars! I kept on walking around to see more of my friends but then BEEEEEP “alright everyone go to your changing rooms” Mr burt said into the Mic.

“Oh my gosh! This happened so quickly” I thought. I was in the samoan group which means I had to class 13 to change. When I arrived I went straight to the bathroom to change into my black t-shirt. I quickly ran back into class 13 to get my lava lava and do my hair. A parent put my hair into a tidy bun and I was obviously thankful, next I went to mose so he can put lipstick on my cheeks. We were all ready to go outside and sit on the field.

The first group was the senior kapa haka. My favorite part was when they used their pois. After the Kapa haka finished My friend sapphire came to sit next to me after she put on her samoan costume. Mrs Wild was sitting in front of me and sapphire and then suddenly sapphire said “Im so bored I need to take some selfies, does anyone have a camera?” Mrs wild laughed and said “I have a camera but its old fashioned” I bursted out laughing at sapphire. But then suddenly The senior samoan group had to go to the stage to get ready while the asian group were performing.

My heart was pounding, my palms were sweating. I was so scared and excited at the same time. “And now for the senior samoan group” “WOOOHOOO!” shouted the audience

As I walked on the stage my legs started shaking. The music came on and we had to do our Siva (dance) after we (the girls) Finished our dance the boys had to do their haka.

Then the azonto. And finally Rowana and christian had to do their solo in our semi circle.

After rowanas solo finished we all stood up and said “tofa soifua samoa, CHEEWHOO!”I was sad that this was our last performance of the samoan group but im glad I did it!
Thank you Timmi, Mose and Mrs Nua for teaching/helping us with the samoan siva. 

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