Friday, March 8, 2013

A very hot day

“waiting in line thinking if I was ever going to get my ice-cream before I burn to death”. The sun was boiling and everyone was at the beach in the soothing COLD water, While i was standing in line I was jealous of their luxury. I was up to the last person in front of me, I could just smell the ice-cream.” My mouth was all dry from waiting for a LONG time, I was excited until the unthinkable happened, they RAN OUT OF ICE-CREAM!!! I just froze there in line... As soon as I got a hold of myself I immediately ran into the ice cold water. it was Very very soothing... If only I had my ice-cream I wouldn't of been wet!


  1. Hello Mya
    I was just reading your wonderful writing about A very hot day. I really like how you put interesting words Great Job

  2. Hi Mya cool a very hot day I love your words keep up the good work.