Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Mya and Sapphire show not tell

Emily wants to go to the shopping mall with her older sister (laura)
but Laura says no because Emily is too young and embarrassed by her acts.
“Im going to the mall Mum!” shouted Laura with a smile “Ok honey just be back by 3:00’ answered Mum, “OH MY GOODNESS can I come!! said Emily. Umm no thanks I don't want my friends to see you loser”. Emily clenched her fists and started turning red with rage she stomped as hard as she can.“THIS IS SO UNFAIR! YOU AND YOUR LOSER FRIENDS ALWAYS DO NOTHING!!! I'M WAY MORE COOLER THAN YOU!!, AT LEAST I PLAY AROUND WITH MY FRIENDS INSTEAD OF YOU GUYS, YOU GUYS SPEND YOUR TIME ON THE PHONE WITH YOUR FRIENDS!!! “shouted Emily. “Emily can you keep your voice down your baby brother is sleeping. said her mother while she was sitting on the chair watching her son for safety,“No one ever listens to me!” shouted emily. Emily kicks her bathroom door open and cries in the corner.

My heart Is pounding with fear, my legs start trembling while I walk towards the stage, If I make a mistake everyone will laugh.. Finally on the stage it felt like I had just climbed the wall of china.
“t-t-to-to-th-th-the” I stutter while saying my first word into the microphone. My palms start to sweat, my audience starts making snoring sounds. I'm embarrassed, I run ofF the stage and into the bathroom tears start running down my red face Locking the bathroom doors and windows covering my eyes with embarrassment. While i'm crying I think of all the opportunities that I will miss so with bravery I stood Up flung the door open and went back on stage. The audience were confused because they thought I wouldn't last. But I came back and finished my speech just then I heard cheering and clapping I was proud of myself.

“Oh hey Uncle” while holding the phone, “Hey Tame what are you doing today “Oh nothing much just lying around and cleaning the house why do you ask uncle” Oh it’s nothing you wouldn't be interested” “Interested in what?” “Fishing, of course im a seafood person shouted his uncle. Ah no thanks uncle sorry I asked “Chloe’s gonna be there"
“Um Uncle I change my mind can I come” I don't know aye” Please please can I uncle Can I” “I love how you cry like a little Girl ok you can come.
Sprinting to his room as fast as a cheetah “What should I wear What should I wear his heart pounding with

“Hello? Its Lauryn  yeah Its been forever!” “LALALALALALALALALALALALA” Emma sings while banging Lauryn's door. “Ugh! hold on kaitlyn, Emma you lost child be quiet! Emma continues singing, but louder! “ Sorry kaitlynn its my little sister being a giant pest, yeah yeah my little sister isn't like you're little brother!” Lauryn starts to get a headache from emmas singing. “MUM!!! Can you tell Emma to be quiet!” “ Emma be quiet!”
“Yeah...nah” Emma whispered, she continues to be a pest. “Lauryn starts getting mad but she starts to calm down “MUM!” “Emma can you please stop! youre sister is trying to study!! ” “I dont care!” Thats it you're grounded!” “thanks mum” she chuckles.

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