Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Action World.

On Friday the 6th of December we (the year 7 kids) went to action world (action world is in Henderson). But we had to meet in the street for the roll, I came late because I was looking for everyone but they were gone! Until I saw someone go into room 20 I went in there. When I went inside everyone was inside staring at me. My heart was pumping really hard when I entered. But everything went well after that moment.

Finally we were allowed to go outside and wait for the bus, I think the bus took half an hour to arrive. I was so glad when it arrived. We entered the bus and I sat with Dhara at the back, And Javana and Yixin were behind us. It was really noisy at the back because of the boys were listening music on their speaker. The bus trip took a really long time to get their.

We’re here! Finally! I was soo happy to see action world, it was filled with blow up platforms and some trampolines. When the workers introduced them to us we were split into groups of our class, for example people in room 22 has to be in 1 group.
Our first activity we did was the crazy ladder. I thought it would be easy to go up that ladder but it was very tricky because every time you pass the 6th step it wiggles and flips, which causes you to fall. Our second activity was the jump n slide, this was my favourite activity. I only went on the jumping part but not the slide because I was too scared!  Our third activity was the free climb, Okay this one was my least favourite one because I couldn't even make the first rock! And now the last activity we did was the jungle swings! I was too scared to go on because I thought it was really high, but it wasn't…

After we went on those activities we get to have free time. Most of the time I was recording people, but I had 1 turn on the jump n slide. When I was on the jumping part I was scared because It was very high, but then I decided to jump. When I landed I was stuck in the air pillow.

When we heard the horn we went to the benches and sat down to put on our shoes, miss samuels gave us 1 gummy worm. We went to the bus to go back to school, It took longer than the first trip! But we saw two puppies playing in long grass near the road. Most of the people were sleeping. FInally we were at school eating and playing at lunch time.

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