Wednesday, November 13, 2013

My first day at point england school.

My first day at point england school was a disaster! I was expecting it to go well then… Well I suppose you have to keep on reading to find out what happened..

So on a Thursday I was getting ready to go to school, I was really excited because I thought it would be just like kindergarten. I was walking with my mum to room 4 I saw kids writing in their books, suddenly my mum looked at her watch. OOPS! Looks like I was late! I was sent to a table with my friends from kindergarten and I was talking for the whole time for writing.

So you might be wondering “since when was talking was a disaster?!” Well you have to wait to find out what the disaster is! Ok so i was talking and talking and then things were getting over hand. I was running around the classroom and I was screaming and shouting. Then other kids started running, and then suddenly… I got sent to Mrs jarman's  office. Luckily I didn't know where her office was so i was sent back to room 4, that was the most awkward 2 hours of my life… :)

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