Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I heard a whisper

“Okay the party is ready, but we need some music” sapphire says to herself, while she was thinking her lights turned off. There was a soft whisper in the kitchen. “you are going to die” “Whos there!” shouted sapphire. Step by step she walked to the kitchen then grabbed her kitchen knife and waved it in the air. Suddenly the power turned on and everything went back to normal.
Two days later.
She was all rolled up in bed, too scared to go anywhere. But she was thinking “Was that all in my head?” “yeah it must of been fake!” she says. Sapphire gets out of bed and does her usual morning routine, she walked slowly to the kitchen. A shiver went down her spine. “Its all in my head” sapphire says while shutting her eyes. She takes a peak. “phew nothings there” she says happily.

Sapphire comes home from work and jumps on her couch. She closed her eyes for a bit then her t.v started turning on and off, she was freaking out. She ran to the door but the door wouldn't open. ”You are going to die” whispers the ghost. “AAAHHHHH” Sapphire screams with horror. Everything started flying in the air, all of her water taps turned on and her lights were going crazy yet no-one heard her scream.

One hour later…
She was lieing of the floor crying with fright. “will it come true?” sapphire says softly. Later on the police came and investigated. “Miss are you alright” a police man says “does it look like i'm all right?!” answers sapphire with rage. “where were you an hour ago!?!!?” Sapphire shouts “We were investigating some donuts at dunkin donuts” the policeman said. After all her anger she calmed down and sipped some water” And she suddenly forgot everything!

One day later sapphire was having a great time after what happen and everything went back to normal… FOR NOW :]

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