Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Future Aspirations

On the 26th of november we had special guests attend our intermediate. The people who came were Andrew Patterson, Anthony Samuels, Paula Fakalata and Amelia Nufe.

Anthony Samuels speech was about “To miharo hoki” that means “You are awesome” He was telling us about his past when he was producing What now, he was doing that job for a very long time! Mr Samuels also said to believe that you are awesome so you can be awesome and never let your past defeat you future.

Paula Fakalata was talking about how people laugh when he says his name because his name sounds like “Ebola”. When he was younger his teachers would always mispronounce his name. He asked us “which story do you want hear, the story where I almost died or the story where I almost made it.” “THE STORY WHERE YOU ALMOST DIED!!!” shouted everyone. He then told us about a story where he almost drowned.

Amelia nufe’s dream is to have her own clothing line. When she was younger people would always judge her because her brothers are in gangs, they would always think that she’ll follow their tracks and drop out. Amelia is now in university studying fashion, in her class she gets assignments to design clothes for events.

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