Monday, June 9, 2014

Psy gangnam style

Psys gangnam style is blowing up with views on youtube! Gangnam style has over billions of views on youtube, but its not just gangnam style. He has another catchy song called “gentleman”. 

In the gangnam style MV psy is doing a horse dance.
Did you know Gangnam is actually a building in seoul city?

Psys real name is park jae-sang. He was born on december the 31st 1977. In 2001, PSY debuted with his first album, PSYcho world.

Psy is a kpop artist in the yg entertainment music industry. YG in in the capital city of korea, Seoul. In Yg there are many kpop artists/groups like 2ne1, lee hi, bigbang and many others.

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