Monday, May 5, 2014

Term 2

Oh my gosh the holidays went by fast! Today is the first day of term 2, which is exciting because we get to learn new things. This term we are learning “I like to move it, move it.” At first I thought we were learning about dancing! But it turns out we are learning about science.

Everyone was walking in their class lines to the hall for Immersion Assembly. Our class had to be in boy girl boy girl because we were too noisy. When we arrived at our seats we sat down in our class lines, waiting for all of the classes to arrive. When Mr burt picked up his microphone and started talking he introduced the team 1 teachers for their item. Their item was an amazing movie about going to the zoo to see all the animals.

After team 1 Mr Burt welcomed the team 2 teachers, Their item was about planes. The teachers were wearing plane costumes and pilot costumes. But Mrs she was wearing a fairy costume. After them the team 3 teachers came on. Their costumes were amazing! They were the colours of the rainbow. Their item was pretty interesting because they were telling us about light. They were saying “light is faster than anything”

So now I think you know whos next. Team 4! They put on a movie about floatation. Then after the movie they were asking us questions like “which one will float, which one will sink?”

And now for… TEAM 5!!!! This item is about making music out of instruments they made. after they played their instruments their music video came on. This item was my favourite out of all.

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