Monday, February 24, 2014

The Treaty Of Waitangi by Mya and Sapphire.

On February the 6th 1840 there was a contract between the maori and the british people. William hobson brought the contract from britain on behalf of Queen Victoria. One of the maori chiefs signed the contract.

What it was like when the treaty was being signed?
before the treaty was signed people were arguing about what will happen in the future, and what the treaty will bring. It took months for the moari chief to decide if they sign it

What the treaty means for us at school?
Without this treaty pakeha and maori will start a war. but don’t forget there's more different kind of cultures out there who knows what will happen this might be the time for a catastrophe.

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  1. Mya, I enjoyed your explanation of the Treaty of Waitangi. It helped me understand a little better what went on. It's always important to think how history can change the future if something important didn't happen. Great job!